But damn if there isn’t anything sexier
                                                than a slender boy with a handgun. - (x)

John Watson + Crackshot

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the lights keep flickering because there’s a massive fucking storm and im still on my laptop like if zeus had something to say he’d have said it by now

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as soon as you call a white person racist they suddenly have a degree in your culture 

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Do you ever think about how, In Sherlock’s mind palace, John asks him questions to get him thinking, Molly slaps him and tells him what to do and keeps him focused, Mycroft makes fun of him and tells him he’s stupid because that’s who taught him to deduce while Moriarty ultimately shows him what he should never become? Because everyone in Sherlock’s life helps to guide him through his deduction process in some way…But all he imagines Irene Adler doing is touching him. Not yelling at him or telling him what to do or interrogating him just...touching him.

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I wished some of you lived closer not all of you tho the rest of you can stay where you at

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I don’t want Sherlock and John to ever become a couple in the TV show. I want Moftiss to keep on building up sexual tension between the two of them. I want John to keep on denying he’s gay. I want the other ships to keep on sailing. I want Sherlock to say more inappropriate stuff a heterosexual male shouldn’t be saying but at the same time be completely oblivious about it. I want them to have totally questionable moments on the border of a rainbow and it could be a best friendship, a bromance, or a romance whichever way you see it. I want to see the Johnlock shippers rip apart every little scene they’re together and come up with some beautiful, fluffy observation. That is what I want.

"inappropriate stuff a heterosexual male shouldn’t be saying"

you wanna tell me what a heterosexual man shouldn’t be saying? is there some kind of thought police of heterosexual language i haven’t heard of yet?

tf wrong with you and your shitty heteronormative ass.

get out of those tags, christ. go fish for notes somewhere else.

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uh if you post a lot or at least a decent amount of bates motel pls like/reblog this i have a mighty need

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the perks of dating me

  • i’m funny
  • i can cook (i mean order pizza) whenever u want
  • i don’t have friends so we can always hang out
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